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Vision I think what has happened now is my entire life. Actually it is a part of my life which I am experiencing. Now I will bring my vision and higher consciousness to become one. I allow myself to have a higher and more distant view. I know that this experience is only a part … Continue reading 365-150



Companion To accompany her with your light. To accompany her with your love. To guide her with your behavior. When she unlocks the key of scarcity, she will understand that she has always been in abundance. Yet to unlock the key of scarcity is not your responsibility. Instead, your responsibility is to keep guard and … Continue reading 365-149


Waiting I need to learn to wait, to wait for a mature timing. Thought I have invented my own karmic lesson, yet I realize that the lesson would get worse if it gets cutoff before its time. So I know I need to wait. When the balance point reveals itself, it is the mature timing. … Continue reading 365-148