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Pride I see the ice of my pride has not melted away during the process of soul practice. It has formed my own interpretation of messages. It has formed my own judgement on things. It has formed my own opinion on people. It is the main cause that stops me from growing spiritually. It makes … Continue reading 365-137


Consumption I tend to consume my energy, for I often put my focus on the wrong place. I consume the time God gave me. As a result, I have wasted my youthful days. I have tried to seek for justice with a confused mind. I have tried to seek for an answer with emotions. I … Continue reading 365-136


Self-Image Self-image is based on how I look at myself. I project myself as strong for I see myself weak. I project myself as perfect for I see myself defective. Yet I cannot bring this image to light, for light is the Ultimate Reality. And the self-image is but an illusion. Now I know that … Continue reading 365-135