Subjectivity I would bring myself to a state of calm, in order to see my judgement rising. I would let go my judgement and subjectivity. I would listen to the voice of God and let the inner peace bring me forward on the Path in Light. The copyright and translation right belonged to The Association … Continue reading 365-139



Behavior Pattern I often replay my life drama and let my emotions ride with it. Thus I always live in emotions. Such behavior is caused by my unruly consciousness. It often repeats itself in my life and it has become a habitual behavior. Now through self-awareness, I can see my behavior pattern. When it happens … Continue reading 365-138


Pride I see the ice of my pride has not melted away during the process of soul practice. It has formed my own interpretation of messages. It has formed my own judgement on things. It has formed my own opinion on people. It is the main cause that stops me from growing spiritually. It makes … Continue reading 365-137