Slow Down

When you observe carefully at each stage in life, you are able to see the fact that each tree grows at its own pace. You will not over-stimulate the growing process if you take a slower pace in life.

In your surroundings, you will see there are different species of fish in the ocean. You cannot ask that all fish are sharks. You allow yourself to see there are snakes and turtles as well.

You need to learn to slow down. Taking it slow means to take your own pace in life. At the same time, you are able to see and respect the goal of life of others. When you slow down you will not project your thoughts toward others. And from projection often comes pressure.

During the process of slowing down, there will be an opening between yourself and others. The open space will allow the wind of freedom flow through. When the wind flows freely, you will find the existence of love in between.
You will find love by slowing down.


The copyright and translation right belonged to The Association for Spiritual Development of A Path in Light. All references must be cited.


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