Path in Light

A Path in Light is a teaching designed for those who realize that this world is an illusion and desire to leave it behind. Leaving the world of illusion behind is an important decision. The result of it depends not only on your intention, but also depends on the effect of your soul practice.

For a long time, you have travelled in different worlds of illusion, with different bodies and different sex. You have played numerous roles in the world. Your conditions are sometimes good or sometimes bad. You have moved in and out of lives according to your karma and you have no control of it.

Through the teaching of A Path in Light, you will be able to experience being One with God when you are still in body. Through the teaching of the Path, you will be able to enter the Temple of Light when you are ready to leave this world.

Because the Path is the way leading you home, your personality ego tends to be more controlling and judgmental toward it. Therefore, when you get very emotional and judgmental toward the Path in Light, it is very likely that this is the way home. For the closer you achieve enlightenment, the more challenges would be created by your personality ego.


The copyright and translation right belonged to The Association for Spiritual Development of A Path in Light. All references must be cited.


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