True Kindness

When your brother or sister is confused, hurt or upset while encountering challenges, I know you would show kindness because you care.

You might offer suggestions out of your kindness. Some of the suggestions are from your own experiences, and some are gathered from books, the internet or other sources which are not experimented by yourself.

You might offer comfort out of your natural instinct. However, emotions come and go, yet your comfort would only last a short while. And most often, when someone is accustomed to comfort, he would not be willing to confront his own problems.

You might offer something that works for you out of your kindness. What usually happens is that it only works on the surface and it does not work all the time. Besides, the little trick you offer might very likely lead to another problem or you might end up making the problem yours.

You might want to fend for your friend out of your kindness. And very likely, you become the one who gets all the blame for defending someone. It is simply because the friend is not prepared to confront his own problem nor to resolve it. Your friend only wants to complain. Because of your over enthusiasm which leads the breakup of your friendship.

True kindness is to show him a set of staircase, on which he is able to walk up step by step. As he gets up on a higher level, he will see more clearly and discover that life is a process of making problems and solving them.

True kindness is to show him a path, A Path in Light, onto which he will explore himself little by little. And he will see the core of all his problems. On the Path, he will be guided to know that he does not need to solve any problem if he stops making it. Understanding comes from that knowing.

True kindness is to lead him on the Path, and he will be guided to understand whatever he is doing at the moment. Awareness comes from that understanding.

True kindness is to lead him on the Path, and he will learn how to maintain awareness in everything he does in every given moment. Awakening comes from keeping constant awareness.

Most importantly, as he walks on the Path, he will be guided to remain awakened each day in his life. This is what true kindness is about.


The copyright and translation right belonged to The Association for Spiritual Development of A Path in Light. All references must be cited.

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