Why Do I Come Back?

The reason for my coming back is to build a Path in Light in your heart. It is a path of truth, paved with trust. When you walk this Path in Light from your heart, you are able to return home and unite with me.

The true value of this Path exists in your heart. Therefore, do not let the behaviors of others determine whether you will continue the Path. This is the Path that will lead you back to God. If you decide not to continue the Path because of the improper behaviors of others, it only indicates your confusion in the understanding of the Path.

The Path does not exist outside of you, instead, it lies within you. Every time you heard my messages through Ray, you are actually one step closer to God. I know you understand that feeling. It is peace, serenity, and joy. So do not let other people’s wrongdoing impact your own spiritual development on the Path. The mistakes of others will only put a stop to their own development on the Path.

Do not use your brother’s behavior as a guiding post on the Path, instead, use your own action to demonstrate your development. Do not let anyone take away your right to be on the Path. It is your Path. Only you can make the decision.

I am your beloved brother,

Peace in Light.


The copyright and translation right belonged to The Association for Spiritual Development of A Path in Light. All references must be cited.


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