Life Is Like A Curve Line

Life is like a curve line and the brothers in this material world get lost between high point and low point. However, as a lightworker on the Path in Light regard the high or low points in life as ordinary because you are not as attached to this world of illusion.

Where are you now? At bottom? Or at the peak?

When you hit the low point thinking that must be the bottom, but, to your surprise, with challenges piling up one after the other, you are being pushed to a deeper bottom.

When you reach the peak and discover there are higher peaks. You feel that it is hard to climb up but it is harder to get down. Very often, you cannot get down once you are up.

Therefore, if you are at your high point, treat it as ordinary. If you are at the low point, you must confront it with wisdom.

For a lightworker on the Path, life is just a process of Soul Practice. There is no high point nor low point for you, but merely a matter of spiritual development.

The copyright and translation right belonged to The Association for Spiritual Development of A Path in Light. All references must be cited.

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