Life is like a labyrinth. You are pushed forward since the day you were born.

Each one carries an hourglass with a different time limit on it. Each path leads to many forks. You are constantly confronted with choices, left or right? You never know what lies at the next corner. Is it going to be a wall or an exit? The only thing for you to do is to push forward within your time limit. No matter which path you take, it is filled with all kinds of temptations, such as fame, money, and dreams as well.

Most people tend to linger on till their time almost runs out. They begin to realize what they have missed out. In fact, there are clues left by people who had taken the same path before. Yet you must stay alert and try to decide with wisdom which is right or wrong. Most importantly, do not follow what you have heard along the way. Do not ask how many times you have come into this labyrinth.

The only thing you need to do is to be alert, to stay away from all temptations, and to look for clues which will lead you to the Gate of Light before your time is up. For the Gate of Light is the exit out of this labyrinth.

The copyright and translation right belonged to The Association for Spiritual Development of A Path in Light. All references must be cited.


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