Life is a lonely journey. No matter how much pain you have endured, how much happiness you have enjoyed and how much wonderful things you have created in life, sooner or later, you will come back to loneliness. For loneliness is the nature of life.

During the process of this lonely life, you have tried to established all kinds of relationships. You started your life from having relationships with your parents since you were born. It turned into the relationships with friends and classmates as you grew into teenagers. As you matured, you started having relationships with spouses or love ones. Finally, in old age, you surrounded yourself with relationships with children or grandchildren. All relationships, long or short, will come to an end as all lives will reach their end. At last, you returned to loneliness. And you continued starting and ending relationships through the rest of this lonely life. Until you begin to realize that the nature of life is loneliness. Then you start to seek and to discover that life is not lonesome. You start to learn the way not to feel lonesome in life. You will then understand that you are not alone at all.

However, it is not an easy task. For no one likes to get acquainted with loneliness, or to enjoy being alone in a quiet way. Very likely, you will get on the phone, get on internet, watch movies, listen to music and so on. You will try all sorts of things to keep yourself busy. When you feel lonely, you will get together with friends, go shopping, eat out or go to a bar. The only purpose of doing such things is to try to get yourself out of being alone.

Therefore, in order not to feel lonely, you need to learn to live with loneliness. You can think quietly about how did you start a relationship and how did it end? And it was followed by another relationship, starting and ending. The cycle goes on and on.

Each time, you get into a relationship trying to get away from feeling lonely. And you always end up getting back to being alone, when the relationship comes to an end. Then you start asking yourself, “How much longer shall I go on like this?” You will find out those who get involved with you are also feeling lonely themselves.

Finally, you come to an understanding that everyone feels lonely. Those who feel that life is lonesome from an early age, they have begun asking big questions. Is there an eternal relationship in life? Is there an everlasting happiness in life? Some have found the answer through spiritual studies or through religions. Others are still searching for it. Yet there are more who do not want to think about it, for they still live their lives by starting and finishing relationships. But it is also their soul’s choice, isn’t it?

To search is the choice of the soul, and not to search is also the choice of the soul. No one can force others to make their choices. Therefore, it is freedom of the soul, isn’t it?


The copyright and translation right belonged to The Association for Spiritual Development of A Path in Light. All references must be cited.


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